Kinahan Gang Ask Garda College For Tips On Concealing Money


MEMBERS of the crime cartel known as the Kinahan gang are believed to have reached out to the Garda College in an effort to find a more effective way of concealing their money, WWN sources can confirm.

The interest from the Kinahans in the practice of befuddling the relevant revenue authorities and seemingly concealing money comes after reports regarding financial irregularities at the Garda College stretching back for more than a decade that have only recently come to the public’s attention.

The brief letter sent to the college asked for ‘tips and advice’ on how to keep their gang’s activity running under the radar and undetected in much the same way the financial irregularities at Templemore went undiscovered until now.

“I can see why any responsible crime gang is on the look out for the best way to conduct business, but unfortunately audits on the Garda College in 2008 and 2010 found financial irregularities were present and not much was done about it. The Kinahans couldn’t hope for that sort of good fortune, for example, if they were caught out under a similar audit something would have been done about it,” explained financial experts Cormac Kilcannick.

It is believed leading experts in the field of financial irregularities have tried to understand and comprehend the complex and labyrinthine goings on at the Garda College and are at a loss as to why audits brought to the attention of senior officials resulted in no appropriate action or investigation.

“I’m sure they aren’t the only criminal enterprise looking towards the Garda College with a jealous gaze, but I think it’s back to the drawing board, they should consider laundering their money through legitimate businesses like bars, restaurants, laundries as well as purchasing land,” concluded Kilcannick.