5 Things To Talk About While The Men Discuss Politics


WITH yet more evidence collated that suggests women are still trying to infiltrate the male only arena of serious discussions, WWN Woman has revealed a handy list of things ladies should be talking about when the men get all intelligent and start hashing out solutions to the world’s political problems.

While the temptation is there to barge in and interrupt men and partake in a conversation about non-women things, it really isn’t advised, as well you know.

If you overexert yourself, next thing you know, you’ll get all emotional and tired. Not like those men, who remain poised and shouty.

C’mon over here and let WWN Woman show you some magazines which tell you how shit you are.


Oh my God, isn’t it very shiny? I mean, so very shiny. Look at it glisten.

Have you found yourself pointing out a factual error to a man? Fret not, you can still be saved. Simply find the nearest shiny thing and draw in any women in your direct surroundings and get some more appropriate traditional lady chat going.


Oh my God, so pretty, too pretty even. Let’s see how long we can talk about how much prettier it is than we are.

That’s it, aren’t pretty things nicer than all that carnage out there in the Middle East, and anyway, it looks like the men have it covered they’re even shouting and swearing at each other, you probably wouldn’t like that sort of stuff one bit.


Stop, I know, but look sometimes you have to treat yourself.

Have you made any self-improvements to your exterior? Fellow women will love to hear about it post-haste. You’ll feel silly if the men overhear you talking about it though, so maybe move you and your girlies further away from the conversation about how banks are ‘this’ and ‘that’.

So sad

Could it be any sadder? I don’t know about you, but I need a tissue. While remembering that other thing that was also sad? Oh my God, so sad.

Careful not to fixate on a sad thing could be associated with an event currently unfolding in the world. Better off sticking with the imaginary sad.

What are they like?

Look at them, with their opinions and thoughts. Bless them, aren’t men so impressive.