5 Pictures Of Things On Fire That Sum Up Trump’s First 100 Days In Office


THERE IS of course a temptation to examine the Trump administration’s decisions, policies and actions in detail and at length, in order to give news-consuming readers a fuller picture as to just what has happened in his first 100 days in office. Dedicating our resources and the time of our staff to dressing up and presenting the politics of the New York real estate billionaire in a traditional way, which is befitting on all previous US presidents and their own first 100 days in office, is something we considered.

However, when we realised we could get the job done by simply sourcing five pictures of things on fire that sum up his still unfolding legacy, well, we chose that option instead.

Shoes. On fire, but yet to be fully engulfed by the unforgiving ferocity of flames. Hey, there’s plenty to read into here, so have at it.

Shit. That’s a whole house on fire. That’s not good. However, it is a good visual metaphor for all manner of things relating the President of America. And what do you know, it could possibly conjure up your own feelings and emotions when you recall several instances which have stood out for all the wrong reasons since the 20th of January.

Hmmm. A car. Could that image evoke the combustible nativistic economic policies Trump has revealed he is intent on pursuing, that can’t possibly turn back time and return inviable industries to the American rust belt, like the Keystone pipeline which will only create 35 permanent jobs when it is completed? Yeah, we guess that image could. Certainly beats wasting time trying to write 10,000 words about how much of a failure he has been so far.

Welp. That is certainly an inferno in the making. Take from this image what you will.

Oooh nice, this has all manner of resonance. The cogs are already turning in our minds anyway. Trump. Idiot. American economy. Not good. Could be bad. Like burning money bad. Excellent. An impartial onlooker might even commend the photo editor. That guy deserves a promotion or something.