Woman Who Followed Washing Instructions Perfectly Can’t Understand Why €2 Dress Bought Online Shrunk


A LOCAL WATERFORD woman is said to be at a complete loss at to why her bandage-style dress purchased from an online retailer for €2 could have shrunk in the wash, WWN can confirm.

“I mean I followed the instructions to a tee,” explained vexed online shopper Roisin Hallon (20), of the dress which is comprised of 2% polyester, 1% cotton and 97% something called ‘gloobun’.

After receiving her dress from PrettyHoo.com Hallon made sure to follow all instructions pertaining to the wearing of the dress which was somehow made in both China and Bangladesh.

“I even read the small print on the site, and so I made sure not to expose the dress to direct sunlight or partial darkness or temperatures between 0 and 100 degrees. You spend good money on a quality dress and then it goes from a size 12 to a size fuckin’ 2 in one wash, I’m livid,” Hallon said of the dress which costs the same as a trip on the Luas into town.

Hallon took to her Facebook profile to voice her disappointment once more at a seemingly quality clothing website, careful to warn others not to fall for their tricks.

“Very disappointed. Even though it’s endorsed in ads on TV by that one who gave your man a blowjob on Ex On The Beach, do NOT trust this site, it’s not selling decent quality stuff. #FeelingLetDown,” Hallon’s most recent status offered.