Here’s A Homeless Single Mother For You All To Judge In The Comments Section


DAY dragging on? Looking for something to pass the time? Then you’re in luck; in keeping with the Irish media tradition of highlighting the plight of a homeless woman with the sole intention of kicking off a click-happy rabble in the comments section, WWN has today found the perfect homeless woman for you all to criticise below.

With tabloids running a monopoly on stories about homeless single mothers in Dublin, WWN turns to our hometown of Waterford to find a unique story that you can all have an opinion about; 26-year-old Sharmel McCaughey, who has been sleeping in her car since taking her 5-year-old daughter and leaving her partner, who has a history of addiction issues.

With no family living in the Waterford area to stay with, McCaughey, currently unemployed, but yet still managing to own an iphone 5s, had to take the unthinkable measure of living in her Peugeot 206 in a bid to be close to her child’s school, until local authorities can find accommodation for her.

This story has all the hallmarks of a misery safari, with more than enough aspects for everyone to debate in the comments section, driving online traffic.

The young single mother, who left her ‘partner’ (we didn’t say husband, and we sure as hell didn’t clarify whether or not the man is the child’s father), was not staying with any friends or family (there’s enough here to get a perfectly profitable online shit-storm going in the comments). Even her name, ‘Sharmel’ should be enough to get a few arguments going – doesn’t sound like the name of a company CEO, does it?

McCaughey, pictured above, so that you can all discuss whether or not she looks ‘homeless enough’, spoke exclusively to WWN about her situation, as we were the first news outlet to get to her after a mad dash through the streets of Waterford, racing against journalists from, RTE, and the Irish Times.

“It’s very hard for me and my child,” said McCaughey before we cut her off, because frankly, we had all we needed for our story at that stage.

With Miss McCaughey and her child preparing to spend yet another night with no cooking or cleaning facilities, we leave the comment section open for you all to have your say, while we go off and find another homeless single mother for next week’s almost identical story, who will hopefully be a white woman with a mixed-race child, or something clickable like that.