Local Football Fan Always Knew Barcelona Were Shit


A LEARNED STUDENT of the game known as football has broken his second long silence when it comes to criticising the current Barcelona team after their exit from this year’s Champions League.

Conor Giffin took to both his local pub and social media shortly after a hugely impressive Juventus performance ushered Barcelona out of European football’s premier competition with a 3-0 aggregate victory in order to share his opinion of how he has always known the Spanish champions were a complete fraud of a team.

“No plan B, been saying it for years, no plan B. Tired and out of ideas, never rated them, they were always a one man team and Messi phoned it in as usual,” began Giffin, who chuckled at the thoughts of ignorant so-called football fans persisting in praising a squad full of multiple title winners.

Giffin piled astute observation upon astute observation as he pointed out how awful the Spanish club have been over the last decade, with the 28-year-old FIFA aficionado the only one brave enough to point it out.

“Everyone praising them, Pique can’t kick a ball, Neymar can’t kick a ball, your man there can’t kick a ball, the other fella with the head can’t kick a ball. Messi hasn’t been any good since that year he scored 90 goals. I’ve seen better 5-a-side teams,” Giffin added, displaying his ability to dissect a team he had last watched 2 years ago in the Champions League final of 2015.

Giffin’s criticism was not just reserved for Barcelona however, with the pundit adding that any team that failed to win absolutely every competition they entered, thus failing to capture the easily obtainable septuple, could only be viewed as a ‘shit excuse for a team’.