Rain Stops In Galway For Record 17 Minutes


THE entire Connacht region has come together to celebrate a record-breaking dry spell in Galway, after the rain stayed away from the area for an incredible 17 minutes, 47 seconds.

Starting at 10.17am this morning, the rain-free stretch went unnoticed for the first nine minutes, as Galwegians steeled themselves for another downpour at any moment.

However, as the sunshine rolled into its 12th minute, Eyre Square filled with spectators who shared a growing sense that something special was happening, staying there until the clouds eventually returned at minute 16, and unleashed a deluge just seconds away from the 18 minute mark.

Breaking the previous record, a 15 minutes 37 seconds dry spell in August 2008, Galway locals and tourists in the area stated that it was ‘an honour’ to witness almost 20 entire minutes in the city without being completely wet and miserable.

“Wow, I mean, it almost looked exactly like it does on the brochure,” said one American tourist, referring to the Galway tourist advertisements that are shot whenever the sun comes out for three or more minutes.

“We’ve been here all week and there’s been nothing but lashing rain and misery the whole time, so it was nice to get some sun. The locals really made the most of it, as did the tourists; it’s nice to hear a trad band playing in the sun, as opposed to a trad band playing in the rain”.

As the celebrations continued, there was some concern from meteorologists that the dry spell could be a sign of climate change, stating that dry weather in Galway could be more worrying than polar ice caps melting.