Man Posts Winning €10 Bet To Facebook Like He’s Some Kind Of Gambling God


A NORMAL man with no connections in the world of equestrian racing has today won ten whole euros, after successfully backing the winner in the 4.10 at Cheltenham, WWN can reveal.

Mark Woods, “who never gambles”, took to his personal Facebook page to deliver the good news with a picture of his winning betting slip, like some kind of gambling god.

“I wouldn’t know which end of the horse is which,” he told WWN earlier, after been asked how he managed to predict the outcome of the horse race, “I simply just picked the horse with my mind and put €2 on it. It wasn’t a tip off or nothing; I chose it all by myself”.

Mr. Wood’s post has so far received tens of likes and comments from well wishers, many of whom he believes are secretly ‘sickened’ over his good luck.

“I had to turn my phone off in case anyone was looking for any tips from me; I’m not that kind of gambler,” the pro explained earlier, visibly overwhelmed by the win, “I don’t know where to go from here really, I might put on a few more bets on since I’m on a lucky streak”.

However, since the time of writing, Woods managed to lose most of his winnings on the last two races, before then breaking his ankle outside the bookie office after stepping awkwardly off the footpath.

Mr. Wood’s refused to comment on whether he would be posting his losing betting slips to Facebook.