Are You Always Feeling Stressed, Tired & Run Down? You Could Be A Moany Cunt


BEING constantly stressed, tired and run down can cause you problems. But why do you feel wrecked all the time? Well, according to groundbreaking new research, you could be a moany cunt.

Luckily, you’re not alone. Chronic tiredness is one of the most common reasons people go to their GP, with many moany cunts going undiagnosed for most of their adult life.

“It wasn’t until I told the doctor my symptoms that he finally sent me for tests,” moany cunt Doris Regan explains, “they tested me for everything, including anaemia, gluten intolerance and even TB, but once they found out that I was actually a moany cunt, my life turned around for the better and I was able to embrace the condition, instead of worrying about it. Since then, I’ve been able to moan freely, all I want, without ever having to explain myself to anyone”.

Of course, feeling exhausted or run down could be down to the breakneck pace of our 24/7 lifestyle, but, adds Professor Terry Tobin, a Dublin based GP: ‘Doctors must not exclude the simple possibility of being a moany cunt.’

He explains: ‘A lot of moany cunts believe that being tired is due to an underlying medical problem, but this is rarely the case. People love to fucking moan about every little thing wrong with them, and this goes mostly undiagnosed as doctors are not truthful enough with their patients.’

Experts believe that one in every five people in Ireland has some form of moany cuntism and they should talk to their GP if they want to find out more about the condition.