Interrupted BBC Interview To Be Turned Into $200 Million Disney Movie


DREAMWEAVERS and entertainment giants Disney have confirmed today that it has bought the right’s to the story behind 2017’s most compelling viral video so far, which saw a father’s TV interview with the BBC interrupted by his children and subsequently his wife, who scrambled to ensure their children didn’t get in the way.

With a provisional budget of $200 million and rumours that recent Oscar winner Emma Stone will play the role of the carefree yellow jumper wearing child, the movie provisionally titled ‘Kids Interrupt Dad’s Interview With BBC, LOL!’, is projected by box office experts as easily being able to hit the $1 billion box office mark.

Disney noted they do not want to stray too far from the source material and would be sticking to a running time close to original video’s roughly 55 second length for the big budget rollercoaster comedy and family adventure.

Casting rumours are rife for all roles with agents already heavily lobbying the studio on behalf of their clients.

“It’s a physical role, that second kid exploded into the room in that stroller with a real ferocity and purpose, we’re not formally casting yet, but the Rock or Jason Statham are top of our list,” explained a Disney executive.

“At its core, this movie is about a brief and magical insight into the workings of a normal family, just like yours or mine, which is why we’re moving the action to Mars, where the family will face an army of 8-legged Nazi goblins,” added the executive.

A spin off movie also announced today will centre around the journey and story of the children’s mother in the seconds before she entered the room. The 4 hour epic will be directed by Martin Scorsese.