Woman Who Exercises Regularly & Eats Healthily Asked What Her Secret Is?


A LOCAL Waterford woman who has recently lost some weight and toned up has been inundated with requests for her secret from friends, family and random strangers commenting on her social media feeds.

Jenny Boyd, 24, took to exercising and eating well some 10 months ago, prompting many friends to wonder what secret short cuts she could possibly be exploiting.

‘Seriously though’ is the most common refrain from friends when Boyd shares the story of her recent lightening quick health fad which started over 300 days ago.

“I tell them there is no secret, I’m going to the gym 3, 4 or even 5 times a week, and eating healthily which seems to really piss some people off,” Boyd admitted.

The implication by Boyd that there is no secret has understandably outraged those close to her who feel she is withholding vital information from them.

“Never liked Jenny that much anyway, all I asked was how she got fit and healthy and she won’t even tell me. Just talks shite about the gym and doing loads of research on nutrition, and getting mad into cooking,” a now former friend of Boyd’s told WWN.

“I mean, just tell us what the secret is ye bitch and stop holding out on us. It’s not fair,” the former friend added, munching on their 8th Chomp bar of the day so far.