Spineless Middle Class Bourgeois Who Paid Water Charges In Line For Refund


THE THRONGS of spineless champagne chugging and caviar eating middle class bourgeois who insisted on propping up the failing coalition government regime by paying their water charges, could be set for a refund WWN has learned.

Recommendations from an Oireachtas committee, made up of snivelling bourgeois, seems set to give the green light to a €100 million refund scheme for betrayers of the popular anti-water charges protest movement, which was heavily supported by the decent working class real human beings of Ireland.

“The yes men and women who coughed up will get refunds, where are my repatriations?” shared a teary-eyed veteran of the Irish Water War, his medals pinned to his chest.

“They’ll spend it on a 10-year holiday to New York, or worse, on brunch, but what about my leg?” the veteran added, pointing to a part of his shin that seemed to have a yellowish bruise on it.

The Oireacthas committee rejected input from some water charges protesters who suggested simply shooting any people who paid the water charges and instead giving the €100 million windfall to real people.

Members of the committee are said to be looking at charges for people who are found to be wasting water, however, this could change if Fianna Fáil decide it would reflect poorly on their bid to call a general election whenever suits them.