Adele Gives Shout-Out To Struggling Artist Beyoncé


MULTI-platinum singer Adele had a surprise in store for one lucky struggling artist at last night’s Grammy Awards ceremony, by giving a shout-out to a singer called Beyoncé during an acceptance speech at the glitzy event.

The British singer heaped praise on the unknown recording artist, who has yet to achieve much in the way of commercial success with her music.

Beyoncé (pronounced Bee-on-say) was said to be overwhelmed by Adele’s words from the stage, and has pledged to keep making music despite not yet being able to connect with audiences with her releases thus far.

“It’s just amazing to me that a singer with a high profile like Adele would take the time to give a hand-up to someone just starting out on their musical career,” said Beyoncé, who works three other jobs just to keep the bills paid.

“When you think of the music industry, you expect it to be this big back-patting, circle-jerk of people congratulating themselves and throwing big awards ceremonies so that they can all have a great big fucking love-in and tell each other that they’re great. But it’s not like that at all! They go out of their way to help people at the bottom end of the ladder like me”.

Beyoncé went on to state that on top of feeling great, being mentioned by Adele has done wonders for her financially as well.

“My Spotify has blown up since Adele gave me the shout-out”, said the mother of one.

“My songs have been streamed millions of times, and I’ve nearly made ten whole dollars!”.