Brian Cody Now Part Of Waterford After Ferrybank Land Grab


THE fallout from a decision to transfer 15,000 acres of Ferrybank land in Kilkenny to Waterford continues as it can be reported Brian Cody is now property of Waterford county, WWN has learned.

At the time of decision regarding the 15,000 acres being made official, Kilkenny senior hurling manager Brian Cody was travelling in his car in the Ferrybank area thus the redrawing of the county boundary having the unintended consequence of transferring the medal laden man to Waterford.

“He’s ours now,” confirmed a spokesperson from Waterford, struggling to hide her broad smile. Cody was permitted to coach Kilkenny to a loss to Waterford in th eAllianz Hurling League at the weekend with a formal handing over ceremony expected later this week.

The completely uncontroversial decision to hand over 15,000 acres and its 5,000 inhabitants to Waterford has been roundly praised by absolutely everyone, with Cody’s transfer to the county just the latest good news story for everyone involved.

Waterford GAA officials denied orchestrating Cody’s need to drive to Ferrybank at the very moment a decision was issued, confirming that it had nothing to do with an anonymous call to Cody from a man claiming to be Henry Shefflin who had expressed interest in returning to inter-county hurling on the condition that Cody immediately drive to Ferrybank.

“Look, we don’t know what you’re talking about, but now that he’s here in Ferrybank Waterford, why not pop down to hurling training Brian, we’d love to have you,” added a member of the Waterford GAA.