Nestlé Unveil New Milky Bar Kid


THE Milky Bars are on Amir Abdelraham, the 10-year-old London boy recently announced as the new mascot for the popular chocolate treat from Nestlé.

Amir beat off stiff competition from hundreds of other hopefuls over weeks of auditions to grab the role of ‘the Milky Bar kid’, the popular figurehead of Milky Bar bars and buttons.

Commercials starring Amir will start to appear on screens in the summertime, along with a nationwide print and outdoor campaign featuring the adorable youngster, presumably decked out in the traditional Milky Bar kid cowboy outfit.

A spokesperson for Nestlé unveiled the first images of the new Milky Bar kid earlier today, and addressed concerns that some people may have had about casting someone like Amir in the role.

“We’ll admit that yes, he is a little bit on the old side,” said Derek Nestlé, speaking at a confectionery conference.

“10 is pushing it for a Milky Bar kid, especially as we normally keep the same child for a few years. But Amir had just the right amount of cheeky charm and acting ability that made him perfect for the role, so we’re going to get as much creative in the can while he’s still young”.

Derek went on to state that a focus group assembled by Nestlé marked Amir 10 out of 10 in every conceivable category as the child most suited to playing the Milky Bar kid, stating he couldn’t think of a reason why anyone would object.