Building 7 May Have Suffered A Heart Attack, New 911 Evidence Reveals


SHOCKING NEW evidence into the collapse of World Trade Centre Tower 7 released by the FBI this week suggests that the building may have suffered from a heart attack, putting hundreds of conspiracy theories to bed, once and for all.

The building, which housed the Secret Service, the CIA, the Department of Defence and the Office of Emergency Management, crumbled to the ground shortly after the planes hit the two towers, sparking dozens of theories, including a controlled demolition pinned as being responsible for all three buildings collapsing.

“We have found evidence that building 7 was in such a state of shock, that it went into a cardiac arrest and fell to the ground some seven hours after the attack,” an FBI spokesman explained. “I can understand why people are suspicious that two of the biggest skyscrapers on the planet fell to the ground so quickly after two aluminium planes crashed into them, and that the serious lack of video evidence into the Pentagon attack may rile suspicions even further, but now, no one can deny this new finding; poor building 7 simply just had a heart attack”.

Building 7 was believed to be harbouring some of the most top secret documentation in the world, and experts now believe this pressure may have also been a contributing factor for the heart attack and the buildings eventual fall.

“The information housed in building 7 must have weighed heavy on its shoulder beams,” pointed out expert in building psychology, Professor Gerry Cashman, “seeing two of your comrades fall, that also housed some of the most sensitive financial documentation in the world must have put 7 on tenterhooks.

“I’d say when it heard the news that a wing of the Pentagon was also destroyed by another passenger plane, it just shit the bed and went into cardiac arrest; such was the pressure on the day”.

Since the news of the new evidence was revealed, American President Donald Trump has ordered a full cardiogram on all the US government’s most sensitive buildings in a bid to prevent another Top Secret building from getting a heart attack.