Trump Nominates Himself For Nobel Peace Prize


AN IRATE and hurt president-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter late last night to criticise the world for failing to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize, WWN can confirm.

“I’ve been prez-elect since November 8th. No Nobel Peace Price nom. SAD,” Trump said, failing to spell ‘prize’ correctly, such was the fury with which he presumably typed.

Trump’s team denied his late night push for a peace prize nomination was motivated by a temper tantrum at the realisation he was not automatically guaranteed the prize once he took office like his predecessor, outgoing president, Barack Obama.

“@NobelPrize I nominate Donald J Trump for the Peace Prize,” Trump’s next tweet added, with his ability to correctly spell ‘prize’ on this occasion indicating he had likely calmed down and was in a more relaxed and composed state.

While it is not possible for individuals to nominate themselves for a Nobel Peace Prize, Trump has indicated his willingness to criticise the body if they fail to accept his nomination.

“If Nobel accepts my nomination, they are great guys, really the best. If they say no they are just the worst, everybody will be saying it, the worst” Trump later added.

Unexpectedly, a growing number of people have supported Trump’s nomination, citing his ability to unite most sound-minded people together in opposition to his incoherent tirades or xenophobic meanderings against anyone who dare criticise him.

“I haven’t seen a figure who has united such a large group of people against him since, well you, the big one,” shared Bradley Jones, who could have been alluding to anyone from Margaret Thatcher, George W Bush, Barack Obama, John Major, Tony Blair, Taylor Swift, Angela Merkel, Stalin or Hitler.

Trump’s formal Nobel Peace Prize nomination in the form of a self-penned essay sent to the awarding body, has been seen by WWN and consists of 12,000 words which consists of variants of the phrase “I’m the most peaceful person, believe me, ask anyone, they’re all saying it. No one is more peaceful than me, not even Ghandi”.