“I Don’t Like Mrs. Brown’s Boys” Brave Irish Person Speaks Out


GOING against the grain and ignoring every patriotic molecule in his body, one brave Irishman has come out of the woodwork against all the odds to negatively critique one of the country’s finest comedic exports, Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

“Sometimes you just have to break away from the flock and form your own opinion,” Cork man David Keane, believed to be the only Irish person to have arrived at his unique viewpoint, shared with WWN. “Now, I know I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings when I say this, but I don’t like Mrs. Brown’s Boys”.

Leaving the air silent for a moment, Keane, who loves Fr. Ted, nodded his head in a motion that seemed to suggest ‘yes, I just said that’, before continuing his tirade against one of Ireland’s most successful sitcoms.

“I just don’t get what’s so funny about it,” the searing critic of sacred cultural cows continued, “he’s a male Dub dressed up as a woman Dub that just says old dick jokes and snipes at homosexuality. Where’s the humour in that? I could probably write, produce, direct, edit and star in something way better than that auld shite. If this is everyone’s idea of funny, then I’m not an everybody”.

“I understand people’s tastes aren’t as refined as mine and I can’t blame them for not picking up on the subtleties in other, more worthy programmes and pieces of art. And it is a shocking allegation to level at a show, but it’s a putrid piece of shite”.

Keane’s comments have since swept social media, causing nationwide outrage and calls for new ‘begrudgery laws’ to be introduced to prevent any more belittling trends.

“How could someone say something like that about their fellow countrymen?” one online commentator said.

“This is the kind of thing that lost us the six counties,” another person typed with their bare hands, “he seems the type to look at beautiful puppy and say ‘what a load of shite’. A scumbag, if you will”.

Mr. Keane later admitted that he hasn’t yet actually watched a whole episode of Mrs. Brown’s Boys, but ‘knows it’s shit anyway’.