Pensioner Wouldn’t Mind Coal In Their Stocking This Year


A WATERFORD pensioner has opened up about their year-long campaign to get put on Santa’s ‘naughty list’, in a bid to get a stocking full of coal and maybe survive the winter.

Sheila Carragher, 86, freely admits to acts of naughtiness such as arguing with, cursing and insulting politicians who increased her weekly fuel allowance by €2.50 while raising their own salaries by €5,000 a year, as well as her fair share of pouting and crying through 2016.

With dark cold nights closing in on the Lismore widow, she felt she had no choice but to try and aim for some of the free coal that Santa brings to naughty people on Christmas.

“I told him in the letter I wrote; ‘Dear Santa, I have been a pure terror all year'” said Mrs. Carragher, pinning a stocking to her mantlepiece.

“So if he holds up his end of the deal, I should be getting a few bags of Polish doubles down the chimney this year. It’ll be the first time this fireplace has seen a roaring fire in 12 months”.

When asked if she should place her faith in the Irish government instead of a fictitious character such as Santa Claus, Carragher began laughing and didn’t stop for nearly an hour.