Obama And Biden Spend Day Hiding Dead Fish Around White House


WHILE his wife Michelle sets her mind to practical tasks such as wrapping the kitchenware in old newspaper and packing it carefully into boxes, outgoing POTUS Barack Obama has enlisted his vice-president Joe Biden in a task which involves hiding dead fish in hard-to-find places around the White House ahead of the inauguration of Donald Trump on the 20th of January 2017.

Obama and Biden made the trip to a nearby Washington fishmongers this morning to stock up on herring, mackerel, trout and squid, with locals reporting that the duo didn’t mind if the produce ‘had already gone off a bit’.

Staff at the White House were then brought in to help the duo secrete the seafood above ceiling tiles, behind skirting boards, under carpets and inside drawers all around the 5,100 square metre premises, with reports of Biden and Obama ‘laughing their asses off’ throughout the four-hour operation.

“Obama was seriously giddy throughout,” said one White House aide, speaking exclusively to WWN.

“He was particularly proud of himself when he came up with the idea to pull out a drawer and put a dead fish in the space behind it, so that Trump would think the smell was coming from the drawer but when he opened it, there’d be nothing. Barack laughed for an hour straight when he thought of that one”.

Reports suggest that Obama has also ordered any take-away menus found in the White House should be thrown into the bin before the arrival of Trump, stating that the Republican can ‘find his own God damn pizza places’.