Local Woman Under Impression People Give A Fuck About Her Facebook Year Video


A WATERFORD woman has become the first person in Ireland to publicly share her ‘look back at 2016’ video on Facebook, seemingly working under the impression that people on the social media site would ‘give a flying fuck’.

The 1 minute long video, strung together by Facebook using a simple algorithm that brings a user’s most popular pictures and posts together in a trite template, shows Dungarvan native Sheila Moore smiling happily for her own camera throughout the year.

Although almost all Facebook users that have received a 2016 video have looked at them once and moved on with their lives, Moore felt compelled to share her video with the 234 friends she has on her Facebook list.

“LOL, here’s my FB video!” wrote Moore, an adult woman who observers claim has ‘no excuse for this kind of shit’.

“So many happy memories! Tanks Facebook u ledge x x x”.

The video has so far been watched by Moore 18 times, and by nobody else at any stage whatsoever.