Donal Skehan Christmas Special Revealed To Be Donal Skehan Eating Selection Box


LEAKED previews of ‘Donal Skehan’s Magical Christmas Cookery Special’ has revealed that the entire show revolves around the young chef showing people the correct way to open and eat an entire selection box.

Skehan, known for such culinary shows as ‘Boilin’ Eggs with Donal’, ‘Donal’s Koka Noodles Secrets’ and ‘Beans, Toast, and Donal’, will spend the 60 minute special talking about the best way to tackle selection boxes from not only Mars, but Nestle and Cadburys as well.

“It’s one of the most complex shows that Donal has ever undertaken,” said one RTE commissioner.

“He has to do more than just open the box itself, he has to take the bars out one by one and demonstrate how to open the individual wrappers. He’ll also be showing how to work your way through a box of Roses, and how to properly shuck After Eights as well. It’s going to be a Christmas culinary wonderland”.

30-year-old Howth native Skehan, currently 5 years into his RTE contract that will see him on our screens until the day we die, will also highlight exactly how to reheat leftover turkey that someone else cooked, and put it in a sandwich.