Crowds Gather As Virgin Mary Image Appears On Homeless Man In Limerick


IT IS scarcely believable in this day and age, but grown adults with brains have begun queuing outside the facade of a homeless person, after sightings of an apparition of the Virgin Mary appearing on the individual began to circulate on social media, WWN can confirm.

“I’m not devout to be honest, to my shame, but I had to see what the fuss was about,” remarked one local queuing to catch sight of the homeless person, “the queues for the apparition that was on the house were too long anyway. Can’t get a decent selfie with it at all”.

While many remain cynical about the likelihood of a Divine apparition occurring in Limerick, its supporters have pointed out all the good it has already done, with countless people seeking to intervene and help the man whose top began showing an image of the Virgin Mary last night.

“Jesus, quick we’ll have to get him out of those damp clothes,” remarked one elderly woman who was dressed head toe in mass cards,” he’ll only ruin the image moving about on the dirty ground. We need to preserve it so God doesn’t get angry at us, and who knows how much it’ll sell for on Ebay,” added the woman, who was surprised God had chosen a homeless person instead a good, honest Catholic to appear to.

WWN spoke to the man who has been visited by this remarkable spiritual happening.

“Oh, this yoke?” remarked the homeless man, who likely had a name, “I think I rolled over in a puddle when I was sleeping, or maybe I spilled a can or someone might have pissed on me, that happens,” he added.

The attention the homeless man has been receiving has set social media alight as Limerick locals flock to the site, outnumbered only by media personnel keen to take pictures of people taking pictures as evidence that this viral phenomenon has gone truly worldwide.

The homeless man confirmed to WWN that donations to him were up by almost 2 euro after the Virgin Mary appeared on his top, while people taking pictures of him for their social media feeds were up 12,000%.

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