5 Questions We Have After Watching The Gilmore Girls Revival


FANS of the incredibly popular TV show ‘The Gilmore Girls’ were treated to a batch of new episodes at the weekend, after online streaming service Netflix revived the show for 6 brand new specials.

Fans took to Twitter to rave about the new episodes, meaning that a lot of people decided to watch the new series despite not knowing anything about the Gilmore Girls, but preferable to being the one person in the office who hasn’t seen the latest hit TV show and has to sit at their computer helplessly while everyone else chats about twists, turns, ‘funny bits’ and shocking endings.

Not wanting to be that guy, the WWN team watched the six new episodes and, having never watched any of the previous 7 seasons, were left with the following questions…

1) Is that woman’s name Rory?

Like Rory McIlroy? Did we hear that right? We put on the subtitles to make sure we had her name right, and it said Rory too. What’s all that about?

2) Where are the ‘Gilmore Girls’?

There’s not a woman under 30 in this whole thing. Gilmore Women doesn’t have the same ring to it, but at least it’s accurate.

3) Wasn’t this thing set in a school?

Or are we thinking of a different show? We thought the Gilmore Girls was about girls in a school, like Saved By The Bell or something. Not sure where we picked up that notion, but there you go.

4) What exactly is going on?

Look, we know we dove into a series that had run for 100 or so episodes without doing any research at all, but at least we should be able to know what’s going on, right? Come on, we have to show up at work tomorrow and chat with everyone else who watched the show. We can’t be expected to just stay quiet for a full hour.

5) Just give us one thing we can say that makes it sound like we know what we’re talking about

We have a reputation as a know-it-all to live up to. Just give us one like that makes us sound like Gilmore Girls experts. ‘The actions of Lorelai in episode 3 don’t really marry up with her beliefs from season 4’, some bullshit like that.