‘Man Slips On Ice On RTÉ’ Warning Issued By Met Éireann


THE country has been plunged into chaos as Met Éireann issued its most severe ice and frost warning this morning, with temperatures hitting as low as -4 degrees.

A ‘man slips on ice on RTÉ news’ warning was issued late last night, leading to many members of the public deciding to stay at home as the risk of public notoriety and viral fame was too great.

“I peered out the window down the road and there’s people just queuing up with their phones, filming each other, hoping to get a national talking point out of some fucker splatting himself on the ground,” explained weary Dublin commuter Adrian O’Brien.

While Met Éireann weather warnings are nothing out of the ordinary, with the meteorology agency issuing over 4 billion a year, the ‘man slips on ice on RTÉ news’ is the only one that carries the risk of becoming a viral video.

“Obviously some of the weather warnings were dreamt up in the days when there was no internet and camera phones, so the worst thing we could issue was a ‘talk of the town’ warning but sure those things die down. It’s not the case anymore,” chief warning issuer at Met Éireann Aine Mulhearn explained to WWN.

Met Éireann has recommended that all members of the public dress themselves head to toe in bubble wrap and stay at least 100 metres away from any camera, whether it belongs to an RTÉ news crew or not.

“Be careful out there now, and God willing, nobody will become a meme,” concluded Mulhearn.