Nostalgia Alert! 90s Boyband No One Has Heard Of Is Getting Back Together!


WE CANNOT believe it! Who the fuck are these lads? Who cares, it’s time to break out your Adidas pop offs, USA 94′ jerseys, Crazy Prices plastic bags, paedophile priests and any other shit from the 90s we can think of off the top of our heads because 90s legends B42Long have officially reformed.

Nostalgia overload! The British trio, who need know introduction (which is handy because these no marks don’t even have a Wikipedia entry) are set to take venues by storm again early next year as they bring all their massive 90s hits with them on tour.

The group, loved by everyone here at WWN and our sister site, was huge in Macedonia for two weeks during the summer of 95′, scoring big with their love song ‘Eye Kneed Ewe’ which charted at an impressive 194 in the chart.

We’re not one to overstate our excitement for the purposes of abusing your base impulse to click on a carefully worded headline, composed purely to pique your interest only to ultimately disappoint you and leave you wondering why in the ever living fuck you’ve fallen for our shit again, but we are SOOO PUMPED to have B42Long back touring and there are even rumours of new music.

The lads, Tim, Jim and Royston have a mad Irish following, as I’m sure we don’t need to tell you, with at least one person having heard one of the band’s songs, probably, so we’re praying with all our 90s might that they announce an Irish tour date soon.

That’s our day made! #CantwaitforB42Longcomeback