Nine More Once-In-A-Lifetime Lunar Occurrences Due This Year


THOSE who enjoyed the recent once-in-a-lifetime ‘supermoon’ event will be delighted to know that there’s at least nine more lunar eclipses and anomalies due between now and January.

The events are sure to draw thousands of people out of their nice warm houses onto the street or into their cold back gardens to catch a glimpse of the moon appearing ‘a bit different’ to how it normally looks, providing countless social media photos and posts on the subject.

Although once-in-a-lifetime lunar occurrences appear, by their definition, once in a person’s lifetime, several onlookers have started to comment on how the process of standing in the freezing cold waiting for the clouds to pass so they can see the damn moon and go the hell inside has become very familiar indeed.

“The supermoon? Once in a lifetime? Then how come there’s one in my Facebook memories from last year?” asked one Waterford man, who can’t ignore these things for fear of missing something that everyone else has seen.

“As for eclipses, I was always told that you might, just might, see one in your life if you were lucky. But I’m 36 now, and quite frankly I’m sick of the fucking things”.