Culchie Tries To Explain Rules Of 25 One More Time


RATHER than relax and play Texas Hold ‘Em with his friends as they had a few cans after a recent night out, hardcore culchie Noel Kennelan desperatley attempted to explain the impenetrable rules of the card game ’25’, which he claims is ‘way better than poker, hi’.

25, also known as ‘that culchie game’, involves the dealing of 5 cards to each player and the reveal of a trump card, followed by at least 10 minutes of explaining how the 2 of spades can beat the 9 of diamonds if spades were lead with, and diamonds aren’t trump.

Kennelan, 28, made great efforts to explain to the 6 other men around the table of his Dublin flat the baffling rules of ‘stealing’ and ‘reneging’, but in the end had to concede that the game was too complex and the players were too drunk to fully wrap their heads around it.

“After the nightclub, back to the house, few cans, the cards come out,” said Kennelan, dealing himself a solemn hand of Patience.

“The lads all play poker, but 25 is where it’s at. Way more skill, you can win a hand with nothing if you play it right. But the lads just couldn’t get to grips with the fingers”.

Kennelan later went online to see if there were any culchies in the area who were looking to play 25, and is considering setting up a club or something where they can go and drink Smithwicks and play cards and complain about Dublin.