Thousands Of Insect Rights Activists Protest I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here


LONDON City came to a standstill this morning as 40,000 insect rights activists came out in protest against ITV’s popular reality television game show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, over the mass slaughter of critters.

Complaints poured in to the ITV studios following last night’s trial, which saw callous contestants stomp and crush hundreds of insects live on air following a trial, which saw hundreds of thousands of organisms being forced into a box with four celebrities.

“The cruel bastards just got up after their trial and squashed everything in their path,” insect rights activist Dona Smith told WWN, “These vile people have no regard for life and tonight they’re actually going to eat insects alive. They obviously get off on murdering innocent insects. This show should be banned from the air – it’s disgusting”.

London police were later called to disperse today’s protesters as things got heated when one of the producers of the show tried to enter the ITV building in London situated in the south of the city.

“Tempers flared and several insect activists attacked and injured some three policemen, before overturning a car and burning it out,” confirmed one officer.

ITV confirmed that 2,345 cockroaches were killed in Australia during last night’s episode, along with 456 mealworms and 17 spiders. One rat was also treated for shock and is said to be in a stable condition today at a local vet’s surgery.

Insect rights groups have vowed to keep protesting the show’s ongoing cruelty, and a million strong march is being organised for next week in central London.