Make America Vote Again


A GRASSROOTS movement which has distilled people’s myriad frustrations and anger into one simple, catch all phrase continues to gather pace on the ground in America this morning.

Providing a slogan to a loose affiliation of people’s desires, which often directly contradict or compromise the various factions involved, the populist movement is expanding at a worrying rate.

‘Make American Vote Again’, the name given to vast swathes of people who feel America really needs to vote again a second time to get it right, has seen large crowds gather at numerous rallies across the United States.

“Wrong” was the repeated phrase voiced by speakers at the rallies, as they cited the fact that America was headed in the wrong direction as evidence it needed a revolution in order to place it back on the right path.

Many media personnel in attendance sought to press rally goers on the finer points of their plan to make America vote again, but could only shout ‘make America vote again’ repeatedly. Followers of the movement also displayed an almost violent patriotic loyalty to the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, which they claim Donald Trump would dismantle once in power.

“It’s heartwarming to see such large crowds. But, where were you assholes yesterday,” shared one of the movement’s leaders Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, criticised for her populism which has seen her join the calls for another vote, is looking to tap into the sort of post-Brexit come down, which saw half of Britain ‘shit their pants’ and wish they could vote all over again.

The movement has drawn the attention of mainstream media which remains suspicious of Make America Vote Again, due to the face it is occurring online through social media channel outside the confines of the news media.

“It goes against our values, principles and ideals, it’s not something anyone likes to see,” confirmed Republican strategist Noren Hassleback.

“Having said that, despite the move being unconstitutional, many of the utterances bordering on being treasonous and discriminatory… they might be onto something”.