NATO Imposes Sanctions On Itself After Killing 30 Afghan Civilians


IN an attempt to avoid accusations of hypocrisy NATO has taken swift action on itself after the death of 30 civilians in Afghanistan were killed by a NATO airstrike.

Women, children and babies were among the innocent civilians struck by a missile in the Kunduz region of the country, prompting NATO to adopt the sort of stern rhetoric it normally adopts for when non-NATO nations carry out premeditated attacks on civilian populations.

“Bold NATO, bold!” the organisation said, chastising itself, with further scolding not ruled out if similar tragedies were to occur again.

Airstrikes were called in when US and Afghan forces came under fire from Taliban forces occupying a village in the northern province.

Asked if a lengthy investigation would take place and possibly result in punishment for those involved in making the decisions which led to the fatalities, NATO was vague.

“No, we’re the good guys,” it confirmed.

The sanctions imposed include NATO restricting itself from being livid with on the ground independent monitors of conflicts for accurately reporting events and getting information to the public, for at least one week.

The tragic loss of life in Kunduz comes one year after 42 innocent people were mistakenly killed in a US airstrike on a hospital operated by Médecins Sans Frontiéres in Kunduz, and 7 years after a US airstrike killed over 90 civilians in error in Kunduz.