Nation Could Do With Uplifting Story About Puppy In Love With Balloons Or Something


AFTER reading a near never ending parade of news items relating to unfathomable, tragic loss and death, the Nation agreed that if the media could find a video of a puppy madly in love with balloons or something, it would be greatly appreciated.

The jolting and harrowing push notifications delivered by countless Irish news apps over the last few days has seen a huge surge in a desire for something to smile or laugh at, as it’s looking like it’s going to be a tough week.

“I know we slag you for posting stories about cat gifs and how you think it’s ‘journalism’ somehow, but we could really do with that now, thanks,” office worker Elaine Curran said in an appeal to the Irish news media, shortly after she sent an ‘I love you’ text to all three of her children which probably had something to do with absorbing some of the regrettable news populating newspaper front pages.

The Nation has requested that a video of a happy-go-lucky pug, preferably a chubby one, completely losing his mind at the sight of some balloons, giving the impression that his heart could explode from joy, be immediately found and uploaded to all online news sites.

“And maybe if he could fall over as well, in a funny way, like we don’t want him to get hurt. God, that’s all we need; a video of an adorable pug hurting itself,” parent Dermot Ferry shared with WWN, only making himself upset.

The Nation said that if a video of a suitably uplifting dog couldn’t be found, it was willing to settle for a video of baby laughing at its own hiccups or just a hug from someone.