So Cute! Prince George Wore Necklace Of Human Ears For Halloween


2016 has been an eventful year for Prince George. From meeting the US president to his first day of nursery school, but none of these moments made him smile more than yesterday’s Halloween festivities, when he finally got to wear his favourite costume accessory – a necklace of human ears.

“He has been asking us all year if he could wear them,” Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton told press reporters yesterday afternoon, “George really, really likes Halloween. It’s actually scary how much he likes the whole thing. Myself and William were woken up at 4am this morning to a dead bird at the end of our bed. He means well, and I’m sure he thought it was a nice present to give, but I’ll be glad when Halloween is over”.

Little is known about the owners of the ears, but sources believe they were a present from his great granddad, Philip, and were originally gifted to the 95-year-old from a tribe of New Guinea cannibals in 1946.

“George loves searching through great granddad’s old memorabilia,” Royal nanny Maria Cantwell explains, “When he found the necklace, his little eyes lit up.

“They’re very close and he loves listening to Philip’s stories about the Nazis and the Bengal famine in India. They’re like the same person inside”.

Later asked by reporters what he wants from Santa for Christmas, the little dote replied ‘Putin’, clapping manically and repeating the Russian president’s name, over and over again, before then chomping down on one of his ears.

“He’s teething,” insisted the red faced Duchess as she quickly ushered him away.