Ireland Would Take In 2nd Child Refugee But Too Busy Letting Down Its Own Children


FOLLOWING inquiries made by Barnardos CEO Fergus Finlay, it was revealed that Ireland has spared neglecting refugee children here in Ireland by limiting the number the country has taken into just one.

“We’ve a lot on our plate at the minute, and we’ve to concentrate on the children we have in places like Direct Provision Centres before taking on the task of letting down even more vulnerable and exposed children,” the government confirmed in a statement earlier today.

A date for the expected arrival of a second orphaned child of the Syrian War has not been put forward yet by any State agency, but optimists within the government remain characteristically upbeat.

“Don’t use my name but I’d say we could even have a third child land in Ireland by 2050,” a nervous unnamed government TD shared.

“This is serious, as many as 25% of children here are technically living in poverty so we’ve a responsibility to neglect those children through a lack of State investment and government solutions before we can neglect refugees, God knows how many inquiries into how the country has failed children are ongoing at the moment, but we’ve got to prioritise them, it may sound selfish but it’s common sense,” a spokesman for the government confirmed.

The government did, however, confirm a lavish patting themselves on the back ceremony in Dublin Castle this evening after being reminded of the fact they had taken in one refugee child.

To find confirmation of when a second child will be taken in by Ireland click HERE.