Do You Have Old VHS Tapes In The Attic? They Could Be Worth Fuck All


YOUR decision to store all your old VHS tapes in the attic under the belief that one day they might be worth a fortune has finally been proven incorrect with the announcement that those things are worth fuck all, pal.

Studies have shown that even tapes with ‘limited edition’ or ‘collector’s item’ written on them are worth less than the effort required to go out to the garage, get the ladder, go up through the little door in the attic, find the boxes marked ‘tapes’, haul that downstairs in stages, and sell them online.

Notions that your ex-rental copy of Starship Troopers would one day be ‘worth a few quid’ have not and will not come to fruition, and a spokesperson for people with a stack of tapes up in the attic confided in WWN that he and those like him now feel ‘quite foolish’.

“I hate to say it, but my wife was right,” said Cathal McGahin, sifting through a mountain of videotapes.

“Predator 2… this cost me 8 pound, and now it’s worth 100% less than that. The Full Monty, Thelma & Louise, old Match Of The Days taped off the telly… all worth nothing. I should have thrown them out when I had the chance. With bin charges, I’m going to be down money”.

People upset about the current value of their VHS collections are advised not to look at how much their CDs are worth either.