Death Of DVD Traced Back To Man Who Downloaded Con Air In 2004


A WATERFORD man who downloaded the popular action movie ‘Con Air’ in 2004 has been linked to the demise of the DVD industry and the ensuing loss of thousands and thousands of jobs worldwide.

Sean Perretin, now 38, opted to pirate the Nicolas Cage prison classic instead of renting or buying it on DVD, resulting in a knock-on effect that saw the downfall of movies being distributed in physical forms.

Sales of DVDs plummeted, Blu-Ray never took off like it was predicted to do, and dozens of retail shops and movie rental businesses were forced to either downsize or close completely, following Perritin’s decision to wait three whole days to watch Cage thump John Malkovich instead of nipping down to Xtra-Vision and renting it for 2 euro for 2 nights.

“Sorry, I suppose,” said Perritin, who was tracked down by historians documenting the changing ways we view our movies and TV shows.

“I just had a fairly decent dial-up connection at the time, you could download a movie in just under 75 hours. So I guess I just got carried away and downloaded one too many movies. I’m sorry that all those people lost their jobs and that everyone’s DVD collection is now basically in a landfill. But in fairness, Con Air is solid”.

Further evidence has pointed at Perritin as the man who also brought about the death of movies on VHS, after investigations proved that he also taped Batman Returns off the telly in 1995.