“Take Our 12.5% Tax & I’ll Take Your Life” Noonan Screams At EU Leaders In Pre-Budget Pledge


MINISTER for Finance Michael Noonan once again offered a robust defence of Ireland’s 12.5% corporation tax by threatening violence on EU leaders.

“Take our 12.5% is it? I’d like to see you try,” Noonan intoned in an intimidating manner while squaring up to Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande at a recent meeting of leading EU figures.

It is believed Noonan made the public show of aggression in a bid to reassure the Irish public Ireland’s 12.5% corporation tax would remain untouched.

The Irish government has acknowledged recently that they must get the delicate balance of maintaining sovereignty over taxation and a sense of European community right, as echoed by Noonan’s threats to straight up murder people.

Noonan later added that the jokes is on the EU as ‘we’ve loopholes coming out of our arses anyway’ which multinationals would be more than happy to exploit.

While the Limerick TD did not expand on how exactly he would take the lives of those pressuring the Irish government to increase their corporation tax, it is thought his bare hands would be involved.

“Don’t tell them how you’ll do it, let them imagine it, that’s what keeps them up at night,” Noonan explained, while handing out a 900-page dossier to tech companies entitled ‘Paying’ Tax The Irish Way.