Local Dose Reckons She’d Be Hilarious On Gogglebox


AFTER just 2 minutes into the debut of the Irish version of popular TV hit Gogglebox, local Waterford dose Sarah Hanley confirmed she should be on the show because she’s ‘hilarious’.

“I’d be class on this, like, everyone would be pissing themselves because I’m great craic. I’m funnier than all these lads,” Hanley confirmed to her two housemates Ciara and Laura, who nervously avoided making eye contact with Hanley, fearing they may have to agree with her claims.

“I’m just so random, like,” Hanley added.

Hanley’s definition of hilarious, according to anonymous house insiders involves talking loudly over all the good parts of people’s favourite shows while also insisting on telling housemates about her day.

“You’d be trying to watch Eastenders and instead you’d get 30 minutes of even more depressing shite than Walford coming out of her mouth, there’s only so many times you can listen to ‘Kev in sales is a right prick’, if you found a dryer shite I’d be impressed,” housemate Ciara confirmed, speaking on the condition her identity would remain a secret.

“Dose,” added Laura.

The housemates’ testimony was further backed by Hanley’s coworkers who confirmed the 26-year-old does contain high levels of ‘absolute dose’.

Despite Hanley’s claims that her endless chattering over television programmes is as funny as any stand up comedian’s best efforts, TV3 has yet to contact her.