Cocktail Sausages At Half Ten Voted “Best Thing About Weddings”


THE distribution of miniature sausages during the nightly intermission of a wedding reception has been voted the best part of the entire matrimony process, in a recent survey conducted among 4 drunk lads at an afters in Waterford.

The quartet of men, who had been drinking since the early afternoon at the wedding of a lad they knew from school to some girl from Kilkenny or possibly Kildare, declared the ‘plate of budleys’ to have been the highlight of the day, and the perfect snack to refuel them for another hour or two of ‘bucklepping about the place’.

Indeed the plate of cocktail sausages, valued at around 79c, was deemed to have been even better than the €49-a-head five-course meal they had eaten earlier in the day, and the four men made short work of polishing them off.

“Jaysus them cocktail sausages were lovely hi,” declared Declan Hanlon, spokesperson for the group.

“Best bit of the whole day. You have your drink, a bit of jiving, and then just at the right time when you’re saying ‘I’d go for a feed right now’, out they come with the sossies. Great timing, great sausages, best part of the day altogether”.

Having finished the plate that landed at their table, the four men then headed to the bar again, helping themselves to any leftovers on the way.