Dublin Commuters Go On Strike


FED up with the current terms of their transport contracts, Dublin’s commuters have taken to the picket line this morning as part of an all-out strike.

“Wouldn’t mind having one morning where I didn’t have to study the best way to get into work like I was trying to solve the Enigma code,” shared one commuter who was handing out strike pamphlets to passing Darts, Luas, trains and buses.

“I have vague recollections of seeing a bus once, but it was so long ago, maybe I just made it up,” added another striking commuter.

Downtrodden commuters took the decision to strike after many of them only arrived into work today for the first time this week after leaving their homes on Monday.

The city’s Luas and Darts carried on their routes as normal today, albeit entirely empty as commuters engaged in a new policy referred to as ‘fuck this, I’m staying at home’.

Businesses in the city are said to be disappointed with the strike action, but admit to understanding the decision taken by those involved.

Commuters confirmed that all their future strike dates would be on the 2 days remaining in 2016 that bus drivers are not on strike, but may have to be cancelled when the inevitable rail strike occurs.