Guy Who Always Stands Talking To Bus Driver Not Too Sure What To Do With Himself Today


THE GUY who always stands talking to his local bus driver is said to be left disorientated today following a bus strike, it was revealed earlier.

Terry Fields, best known for his uncanny ability to remain upright on bus journeys, was spotted pacing up and down his regular bus stop this morning.

It is believed the 64-year-old was talking to himself for several hours before being asked to move on by Gardaí, who were contacted by a concerned citizen at the time.

“He just looked a bit disorientated,” reported one Garda, “We told him the buses were on strike and it could be a week before they were back on the road again”.

Sources say Mr. Fields then made his way to the local Spar shop and proceeded to chat to deli-counter staff for quite some time.

“He wasn’t making any sense,” said breakfast roll technician, Deirdre Wallace. “I told him I was very busy but he kept going on about hurling and calling me John.”

Following several warnings from the shop manager, Mr. Fields was later arrested at the scene by Gardaí for harassment, before being brought to the station for questioning.

“He insisted on standing in the back of the Garda van while talking to us through the air vent,” said detective Martin Hanley. “We had to subdue Mr. Fields for his own safety and tie his hands to his feet and head”.

The pensioner was later released without charge and is expected to return to his daily routine of standing, talking to the bus driver next Monday morning.