Local Man’s Life Appears 200% More Interesting On Social Media Than It Is


IN an astonishing turn of events, a Waterford man has shocked those closest to his Facebook newsfeed with revelations that his carefully curated life on social media might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Social media experts were quick to express their surprise at the news that James Gennahan’s endless stream of pictures and status updates are a choreographed distraction from the truth that his life is verging on the ordinary.

“Mr. Gennahan is smiling in one selfie taken in a queue for a shop with title ‘queues are fuckin’ mental’ attached, which went on to receive 300 likes, but all available data we have suggests queuing is incredibly mundane,” user of Facebook and internet expert Professor Vincent Van Splatt explained to WWN.

Gennahan’s various social media profiles and apps are regularly flooded with images of alcohol consumption, European breaks away and hilarious observations which had led those who know his online presence to falsely believe he was engaged in an exciting lifestyle.

“I just feel let down really,” one Facebook friend told WWN, “he was up a big hill in one photo and he said ‘love the fresh air’ but some people are saying now that he photo-shopped that one, I don’t think I can trust anyone’s social media profile anymore. I’ll sound mad now when I say it, but I think everyone is just lying to each other,” the upset internet user went on to state.

Gennahan for his part, has rejected all accusations that he leads a ‘boring life’ by pointing out a recent Snapchat in which he looked deliriously happy with a message below reading ‘watching Netflix… CLASS!’