WWN Guide To Finding Student Accommodation


YOU’VE done the exams, you’ve got the points, you’ve secured your course – now it’s time to financially cripple your parents with a move away from home to your college of choice.

For many other students this is the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year in a row they have had to search for accommodation in a hellish panic, but WWN, a leading expert in the education sector has carefully researched all the angles for students so all worries can be avoided:

Step one

Shut your mouth hole.

You self-entitled, snivelling students really do everyone’s head in. You’re facing paying as much as €800 a week to stay in a cupboard or face a commute to college consisting of a walk from a homeless shelter to the lecture hall. Eh, it may be time to recognise previous generations had it a lot harder.

Step two

Count yourself lucky

And with the extra points you got for doing honours maths you should be able to count them easy enough. Never had that in our day, back then if you didn’t get accepted into your first choice course you were kneecapped by the IRA. Not so moany now are we?

Step three

You’ve never had it so good

Back when your parents finished in college they had to interview for jobs, the horror. You lot will get to waltz straight into an unpaid internship without the pressure of learning valuable life skills that will help you gain a footing on the career ladder.

Step four

We can remember a time when education was cheaper.

We had to pay less, comparably speaking, for free education and our living expenses were less, coupled with a far healthier rental market, but you don’t hear us complaining. You’d swear you lot had it tough out there, ha. And now colleges are charging more for onsite accommodation, what do you expect? A third level educational institute not to gouge you? Cop on.

Step five

You’ll make loads of friends.

Previous generations of students used to have rooms to themselves, and it was a terribly lonely experience. Nowadays, with accommodation looking like it’s always trying to set a new world record for most number of bunk beds into a shoe box you’ll never have any trouble making friends. Sharing a single bed with a random bogger from Leitrim is something you would have killed for back in the day.