“America Needs To Leave The US” Farrage Addresses Trump Rally


OUTGOING UKIP leader Nigel Farrage urged republicans at a Donald Trump rally in Jackson, Mississippi last night to leave the United States if they want to make America great again.

Appearing before 15,000 activists, Mr. Farrage was flanked by the presidential candidate as he delivered his speech, comparing the union of states to the European Union, and that America should ‘Amexit immediately’.

“Why should you bow down to the United States?” Farrage asked the detached crowd, who had no idea what he was on about, but applauded like seals regardless, “America is better off without the US, just like Britain is better off without the EU. Do as I say and everything will be alright”.

Mr Trump, who is trailing his rival Hillary Clinton in the opinion polls, backed the UK’s exit from the EU earlier this year.

“This man obviously knows what he’s talking about, m’kay?” the business tycoon told the rally, “We need to stop the immigrants from coming in and take America back for the rich native white people that originally owned it. My daddy did not come all the way from Germany to have America taken from him. We need to make this country great again, like in World War II, when we blew up the Japs and ended the war”.

To end the rally, Mr. Trump and Mr. Farrage were handed a semi-automatic pistol each, before firing several rounds in the air in celebration of their new alliance.