What To Do When You Encounter Someone Wearing A Burkini On A Beach


IT can be a truly disturbing encounter which leaves many people feeling unsafe, ill and angry, but just what should you do if you see someone wearing a burkini on an Irish beach?

WWN is here to outline the proper etiquette which will allow you to prepare for the worst:

Step one

Lay your beach towel on the sand. If it’s a particularly windy day it is advisable to place an object, such as a rock, on the towel to secure it, weighing it down.

Step two

Even if it is a grey day, you can become sunburned through the clouds, so it’s best to apply suncream to your body. Ask a friend to do your back.

Step three

Wait for at least 15 minutes for the suncream to soak into your skin and once that is done do go for a swim if you so desire.

Step four

Don’t forget to bring a book, there is nothing better than a nice relaxing lie down on the beach accompanied by a good read. We hear that Girl on the Train is decent enough.

Step five

Keep an eye out for the tide coming in and whatever you do, don’t fall asleep if you are lying directly in the Sun.

We hope these tips can help you cope with coming across the path of someone wearing burkini.