‘The Recovery’ Sued For False Advertising


WITH news that over 2 million people are working in Ireland for the first time since 2009, many people are happy to see The Recovery going from strength to strength.

However, WWN has learned of a group of citizens who have come together to launch legal proceedings against The Recovery on the basis that it is guilty of false advertising.

Countless unemployed people, frustrated students, diaspora and homeless people have launched a lawsuit, which will see The Recovery ordered to pay damages if the court case is successful.

The Recovery, an off shoot of the unpopular Government and Celtic Tiger lifestyle brands stand accused of taking out a number of high profile advertisements in national newspapers as well as on radio and TV, which made claims that ‘everything is brilliant again and this will last forever’.

“You can’t bang on about how there’s jobs coming out your arse, how houses are affordable now and encourage people to spend all disposable income on stupid overpriced shit in shops if you’re not willing to give these jobs out to more than just demographic,” explained recently graduated student Colm Neary.

“There’s a job for me alright, it’s called an unpaid internship which lasts 1 year, I’ve been duped,” Neary added, who had abandoned plans to move abroad after hearing countless spokespeople for The Recovery telling him he could have 6 jobs if he wanted.

The government has confirmed that they believe The Recovery will robustly defend itself in court when the time comes, and if successful in seeking damages themselves, the government will use the money to paper over the cracks.