Pat Hickey Attempts ‘Bigger Boys Made Me Do It’ Defence


IMPRISONED former OCI president Pat Hickey has rolled out a classic “bigger boys made me do it” line of defence in a bid to unentangle himself from mounting evidence relating to the sale of Olympic tickets in Rio De Janeiro.

Hickey, described by few as a really nice man who acts in the best interests of others, made the claims after spending yet another night in a tough South American jail, where he is currently being held for questioning.

Brazilian police claim to have access to emails which show Mr Hickey made a number of the OCI’s allotted tickets to the opening and closing ceremony available to a third party, with figures of up to 7,000 euro being touted for each ticket.

However, in a dramatic change from his “I didn’t do it” defence, Hickey allegedly stunned investigators by placing the blame on “bigger boys” who coerced him into making huge profits on the sale of the tickets.

“He didn’t say who, he just said that the bigger boys had told him to do it or they wouldn’t think he was sound anymore,” said a spokesperson for the Brazilian police.

“We’re not sure exactly who would be ‘bigger’ than the president of the Olympic Council of Ireland, but we’ll have a look into his claims. To be honest, there’s no shortage of people that could have been involved in this disgrace. And there we were, thinking all Irish people were great craic”.

Nobody in a high-ranking position of a sporting body in Ireland was available for comment.