Getting Outraged At Something Online Can Burn Up 500 Calories Per Day


IT’S the dieting revolution we’ve all been waiting for and today health experts bring us the news soon to be celebrated the world over.

According to the latest research carried out by the Institute of Studies the average person can burn up as many as 500 calories every day simply by sitting around and browsing the internet looking for something that causes them to become outraged.

“What’s most astonishing it that it even works for people pretending to get outraged or individuals who are carried along by the consensus and decide they better appear outraged for fear of being picked on,” head of dietary studies at the Institute of Studies, Dr. Norman Horan told WWN.

“The more inane, pointless and misguided the outrage is, the more calories that are burned”.

Outrage is driven by brain activity in the Ira Cortex of the brain, but the real workout comes from a combination of blood rushing around an individual’s body and the furious rate at which they type out responsive tweets or Facebook statuses on their phone, tablet or laptops.

The ‘Outrage’ Workout has already caught on in a number of gyms which are working on programmes tailored specifically to an individual’s pressure points.

“If you’re a man who can’t handle women asserting themselves online or if you’re an individual who hates to see someone writing a carefree response to something that doesn’t affect you in any way, we have the relevant news articles, and viral outrage stories you’ll need to burn those calories,” gym owner Patrick Hinkley shared with WWN.

Dr. Horan from the Institute of Studies warned people partaking in the calorie burning endeavour not to overdo it after one Dublin woman burned over 9,000 calories in 60 seconds and subsequently died after reading a headline which read ‘There’s Been A BIG Backlash Against Someone Famous For Their COMMENTS Online About Something We’re Hoping You’ll Get OUTRAGED At, OMG’.