“There Is No Greater Threat To World Peace Than Finglas” Obama Confirms


The Dublin suburb of Finglas has become embroiled in an international incident with the United States of America after trying to form a diplomatic relationship with the tyrannical regime of North Korea.

“Their virtues are suspect. Their desires are that of men unwilling to embrace peace. Their decision to reach out to North Korea will only embolden the regime there. We cannot discount the suspicion that Finglas is looking to acquire a nuclear weapon,” US president Barack Obama said in an emergency address on television last night.

Finglas for their part claim they simply want to ‘twin’ their town with North Korea in an attempt to put their community on the map, however, US intelligence services have questioned their motives at every turn.

“We know they have grown tired of Castleknock and how up themselves the locals are there, if Finglas was able to acquire a nuclear warhead, we have no doubt they would use it on Castleknock,” head of intelligence gathering at the CIA, Seth Miller explained to WWN.

The ambitious move by the Finglas Village Renewal Project (FVRP) to place themselves at the heart of international politics has left Obama of the opinion that the north Dublin suburb is now the greatest threat to world peace as we know it.

“Forget Donald Trump, forget ISIS. Finglas must be stopped at all costs,” Obama said as he concluded his passionate TV address.

Since Obama’s address North Korean flags have been picture flying over several buildings in Finglas with the FVRP confirming they are now at Pyongyang time, putting them eight and a half hours ahead of the rest of Ireland.