Priest Live Tweets Telling Rape Victim To ‘Keep The Baby’


TAKING inspiration from the ‘Twowomentravel’ Twitter account which saw two women send updates of their journey to England for an abortion procedure directly to An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, a local parish priest live tweeted the guidance he gave to a rape victim who arrived at his church, accompanied by her parents.

In an attempt to turn the PR tide in favour of the pro-life side of the abortion and 8th amendment debate in Ireland, Fr Declan Conratty began live tweeting earlier this morning as two parishioners arrived into the church with their daughter.

“She’s just arrived, have tea made. Prayers at the ready,” Fr Conratty said as the 22-year-old, who became pregnant after being raped, made her way into the church.

“I said ‘have the baby’ and she may be crying now, but she’ll see sense though, it’s all part of God’s plan,” Fr Conratty added on his Twitter account moments later, further enlightening the Irish public to the pressure pro-choice advocates place on young and vulnerable women instead of compassionate and reasoned pro-life rhetoric.

“Having the baby will take the pain away, don’t be a baby murderer. The man upstairs wouldn’t like that,” the priest continued on his Twitter, giving the public a rare insight into the journey taken by a priest from his home to his church where he gives counsel to those in need.

“Big fan of tears this one, but as I told her – it’s keep the baby or Hell,” another tweet read, receiving widespread praise from everyone.

The priest’s flurry of tweets concluded with a happy ending, which should serve as a sobering lesson to those that think going abroad is a solution to being raped and impregnated.

“Told parents to leave her passport with me. She did. Glad I could help. Prayers welcome”.

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